Title: Full-stack Software Engineer (Platform)

1 Lead position(salary : 1,500,000 yearly)

1 Senior position(salary range : 900,000~1,300,000 yearly)

2 Junior position(salary range : 600,000~800,000 yearly)


You will be working with your multi-functional team which is responsible from UI designs, groundbreaking frontends, challenging backends, and newest infrastructure implementations.

Your team will focus on our core platform and orbital services which will connect multiple messaging platforms to millions of end users, with throughput of billions of messages per day across the globe.

## Required skills

At GoSky, we believe in people.
People who do not afraid of not knowing yet keen to learn more about the unknowns.
People who do not stand working complications yet eager to substantially solve those difficulties.
People who do not use just a hammer to build a house but use multiple suitable tools to construct an empire.
People who not just understand what they know but can share those to others.

We welcome every candidate despite their education, age, race, religion, or country of origins.

## Our Environment

- We write Go, Node.js, and react #usetheplatform. But we always challenge our stacks and replace with the betters.

- We use Unix-based OS
- We are Google lovers (for now) so we use Firebase and Google Cloud Platform
- We containerise our applications and deploy them to Kubernetes clusters - We do CI/CD
- Codes are our babies! We raise, take care, and constantly groom them with love. (Confused? We do take code quality and testing seriously)